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Making all congregations to be a priest

UCS University believes that all congregations are called to extend the nation of God through their church ministry and market place ministry.
In the body of Christ, there is no distinction and discrimination between priests and ordinary believers.

Transition and activation of spiritual ability and power

The curriculum of UCS University includes teaching students with practical knowledge for their ministry, transferring spiritual abilities (powers) to students and activating students' spiritual gifts. Faculties (fathers and mothers) of USC University, who are recognized(qualified) in the body of Christ, are willing to provide with knowledge and skills for students' ministry, are ready to transfer spiritual powers and anointment, and are dedicated to revitalize spiritual gifting of students.

Maturity with resembling the spirit of Jesus Christ

The goal of students is to resemble the spirit of Christ by a revelation of Christ like characteristics, powers, and love.
We believe Hebrews 10:14, "For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy."
However, we believe and pursue that it is revealing with a process of fellowship and obedience in the presence of the Lord (1 John 3:2, Philippians 3:12).

The implementation of an excellent spirit

Our desire is glorifying God through our lives and all of our services. This desire could be made through serving the body of Christ with excellent heart and extending God's nation in the world.

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