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Online course

UCS opens online classes for the sake of students who reside in a long distance or abroad. With the object of review, USC enrolled students can take online courses without extra tuition. Students who cannot attend classroom lectures or conferences due to personal circumstances can take online courses if they pay tuition for the classes or conferences. After taking an online class, students need to submit a self-evaluation paper about the online class in order to acquire credits of the class (submit it within a month from registering).

The maximum limit of credits students can acquire from online course is 30% of the total academic credits (but, 60% of the total credits for who live in long distance or abroad).

In the case of acquiring 30% of the total academic credits from online courses, then acquiring more credits by self-directed learning is not allowed; since the maximum limit of credits earned by self-directed learning is restricted to 30% of the total academic credits.

Online Register

1. UCS students who want to take online courses and acquire credits
a. Register by phone
b. Pay tuition: $60 per unit
c. Accessible to the registered online class for 30 days
d. Submit a self-evaluation paper for earning credits

2. Students enrolled in an intensive-course
a. Register by phone
b. Take online classes for 30 days for free
3. Non-UCS students who want to audit online courses
a. Register by phone
b. Audit fee is $150 per class
c. Accessible to the registered class for 30 days
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